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Puls Opinii

Political Preferences

Periodical political survey. The results of the study are party ranking, presidential ranking, politician trust indicators and evaluation of the work of the most important institutions in the country. The survey is enriched by a series of questions commenting on current political and social developments.

The preference survey covers the general population of 18+, we select a fully representative national sample for the purpose of the survey

If you are interested in carrying out political surveys

If you need accurate measurements on a fully representative national sample

If you want to get results within 2-3 days

If you want to work with advisors who have a great deal of experience in political research

Choose Puls Opinii to get to know the current political preferences of Poles

In addition to the standard preferences module, you will be able to add your own questions on the topics you are interested in. Our coordinators will tell you how to professionally prepare your questions for the research questionnaire

Puls Opinii – Methodology Outline

study on the general population, nationally representative sample of the age 18+

two-day (or three-day) long implementation, can be started every day of the week

sample size N=1000

length of the questionnaire – 5 minutes fixed preference module + up to 3 minutes for current questions

multi-dimensional sample control (stratification includes cross quotas for gender, age, education, size class, and voivodship)

we recommend and apply a post-implementation weighting to achieve fully representative results

we provide standard results in the form of a database and tabular reports