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Radar Opinii

Telephone Poll

A daily telephone survey performed in a familiar Catibus form on the general population. National and representative sample in Radar Opinii may also be aggregated from a number of measurement waves, giving the possibility to recruit people with rare, uncommon characteristics.

If you would like to carry out a daily survey on a representative sample of adult Poles

If you need a simple study to measure the extent of the phenomenon you are interested in and to learn about the structure of your target group

If you want to hear the opinions of people with rare, unique features, without having to spend large budgets

If a detailed stratification of the sample is important to you

If you do not need to present any visual aids to respondents

If you are interested in the guarantee of a carefully executed random sample for the entire 15+ population of Poland

The above features indicate that Radar Opinii is a product you should choose

We will advise you on how to plan your research module within the framework of Radar Opinii, consult or prepare a research questionnaire for you, and provide results within a few days.

Radar Opinii – Methodology Outline

study on the general population, nationally representative sample of the age 15+

at the output level, random sample of mobile phones (with carrier prefix control)

implementation on weekdays; daily sample size N=800

questionnaire length approximately 8 minutes (approximately 10-15 questions possible)

possible multi-dimensional sample control (stratification includes cross quotas for gender, age, education, size class, and voivodship)

the ability to conduct individual one-time survey modules or to perform continuous, long-term measurement

we recommend and apply a post-implementation weighting to achieve fully representative results

we provide standard results in the form of a database and tabular reports