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Internet research is the most dynamically developing method among quantitative research sectors. More than 80% of Poles declare having access to the Internet and the number of research carried out via Internet increases by several percent on a year-scale.

Our coordinators are able to smoothly handle the research carried out with both telephone and Internet methods.

CAWI studies are one of the two main types of studies offered by Opinia24. With this method, our customers can achieve fast, cost-effective projects with complex questionnaires and visual material presentation. This technique is suitable for ad research, employee and customer satisfaction surveys, and even in areas such as business research and taste tests.

The specific advantages of the CAWI mode used in Opinia24 are:

  • Demographic, psychological and geographical profiling of respondents
  • Creating specialized sub-panels of goods and services users – at the customer’s request
  • A differentiated way to reach respondents, by e-mail, phone, SMS, pop-up, and web-push
  • Ability to collaborate with websites or social-media platforms in measuring online behaviors
  • Quality control mechanisms of collected data such as blocking multiple responses from the same survey; algorithms that identify illogical responses, filling in the questionnaires too fast, or using so-called bots.


Most members of our panel have been enrolled from a random mobile phone sample.

Understanding the importance of online research today, we have created our proprietary BO Panel – a community of online research participants, which includes tens of thousands of people who actively share their opinions with us.