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Data Presentation

The final and one of the most important stages of marketing research is the presentation of study results. Professional data presentation is fundamental to make the right use of the research, providing critical, concise information backed up by specific and practical recommendations.

Opinia24 understands this need of the customers very well – we are able to present the results of our studies in a clear and legible way.

The most important thing for us is that the recipient does not have to look for important information, but that it catches their eye right away.

  • When preparing the presentation of the results, we follow the list of golden rules:
  • We focus on showing the most important data
  • We limit the number of slides / screens to the minimum necessary
  • We always have a well thought-out presentation order
  • We highlight the key information, we don’t accumulate too much in one place
  • We care about proportions, space, transparency
  • We use soft color palette, no more than 2-3 colors
  • We look for unobvious information that will surprise the recipient
  • We create concise recommendations


We offer the opportunity to present results in both traditional PowerPoint presentation format and in a more compact form based on infographics, diagrams and illustrations.

An additional element of our offer is the ability to use data browsers.

We use tools such as YAC and Pulse, and we can feed these browsers with the data from conducted studies upon request. The customer then receives access to these programs and has the ability to perform their own analysis.

We encourage our customers to enhance the research projects they order with a modern and professional presentation of the results or a data browser.