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Data Processing

Proper tool preparation and effective implementation are the basis for achieving the research objective. However, what is important, and often crucial, is happening in the post-implementation phase. A data set that’s carefully prepared, fully described and readable, having an appropriate structure, is the standard product of each study in Opinia24.

We strive to standardize the way we prepare data. At the same time, we can adapt to custom needs and formats.

Our analysts follow the internal data processing methodology when preparing the final results. These activities include, but are not limited to, the introduction of appropriate data labels, the validation of the logic of the variable structure and its compliance with the questionnaire, and the control of significant deviations from the system variables.

We are now offering our customers the opportunity to order data in the form of:

  • Raw SPSS file
  • Tabular data in MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint presentation with key findings
  • Data presented in the online browser


We are guided by strict and well-thought-out internal procedures, while at the same time being open to the needs of our customers. With a dedicated data processing department, we are flexible in fulfilling them.