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Methodological Advice

There are many different elements that need to be put together to provide a valuable response to the research issue. It is equally important that the study is properly conducted and error-free as it is prepared. This always requires a number of important decisions to be taken during the project planning phase.

What sets us apart is our practical knowledge about research implementation. We are well aware of the specificity of all quantitative methods.

Years of experience in coordinating and implementing research allow us to call ourselves experts in this field. When contacting us, our customers are not only guaranteed a smooth and thoroughly conducted project, but also competent planning advice for each stage of the study preparation.

Our Coordinators/Researchers always seek alternative solutions, often going beyond the framework of the inquiry they receive.

We are advising our customers already at the pricing stage on choosing the right research mode or using the best fitting questionnaire set. A critical view of the study characteristics very often allows us to optimize the research process while maintaining the project’s objectives.