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Survey Programming

We provide comprehensive research implementation service. This includes, among others, the process of preparing an electronic version of the study questionnaire.

We are very well aware of the growing market’s demand for rapid completion, but also for the flexibility in survey design.

Opinia24 Coordinators will ensure the right logic and layout of the survey, which our developers will then effectively implement on the survey platform. The fact that we have professional scripters in our team makes us able to guarantee the creation of even the most complex research tools. We also protect our customers’ sensitive materials by creating these tools ourselves.

We independently program most of our surveys to optimize the study preparation time.

We are flexible in the programming process, thanks to the efficient communication conducted directly by our coordinators, and the ability to place the survey in one of our three survey systems. By programming in three dedicated scripting languages, we offer our customers the ability to develop a tool that is fully consistent with their own ideas and needs.