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Bo Panel Opinii

Online Research Panel

Online research community. Several tens of thousands of people actively sharing their opinions. BO Panel allows us to freely define the sample of respondents based on usage and demographics. Due to the high response rate, the implementation of even long interviews and large samples does not usually exceed a couple of days.

If the studies you would like to conduct are mostly long and extensive

If you need to reach out to specific target groups on which you will be able to implement research samples of several hundred people

If you would like to conduct advanced research surveys with a wide range of question types and visual aids

If you need a quality assurance (confidence in your survey with real respondents of a known identity)

If you would like to receive a support from a team with many years of experience in challenging online research projects

To achieve all this, choose BO Panel.

We will advise you on how to select a sample for your study, identify opportunities within the target groups, consult and prepare a research questionnaire.

BO Panel – Key Features

65 000 active panel members available for your studies

high response rate – 30% on average

more than 100 research projects implemented on a yearly basis

a state-of-the-art dedicated implementation management platform with the scripting language Pulse

double verification mechanism for respondents registration

extensive interview quality control procedures, including trap questions, split time registration, click-through blocks, eliminating inconsistent responses, panel discipline mechanism