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Sonar Opinii

Online Poll

The periodical Cawibus-type survey on a sample of representative Internet users allows access to the narrowest target groups.

If you need to quickly, within a few days, gather feedback from a representative sample of adult Poles

If you want to show the respondents photos, videos, or other graphics

If the questions you would like to ask are quite complex, for example, they include long lists of brands, lists of statements that need to be ranked or rated on scales

If you would like to easily reach narrow target groups such as school-age kids’ mothers, consumers of a particular category of products or owners of a particular class car

If you have a limited budget and want low implementation costs

In all these situations, Sonar Opinii is the perfect solution for you

We will advise you on how to plan your research module within Sonar Opinii, work with you to create a research questionnaire, and we will offer you an attractive implementation time.

Sonar Opinii – Methodology Outline

implementation on BO Panel – our proprietary research panel of over 65 000 respondents

weekly implementation mode, 3-day full sample time

sample size N=800

single module time – up to 10 min (approximately 20 questions)

respondents sampling: nationally representative sample of Internet users aged 18-60

control of the sample in terms of gender, age, education and location of respondents

we recommend and apply a post-implementation weighting to achieve fully representative results

we provide standard results in the form of a database and tabular reports