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Telephone research is currently one of the key research techniques. Based on the current UKE (Office of Electronic Communications) research, over 90% of Poles remain within the reach of mobile network services! This makes the CATI research continuously the most versatile way to reach respondents.

Our CATI surveying is a mix of remote work and interviews conducted from our own studio.

In our portfolio we have products linked to this method which, like Radar, allow for rapid and cheap access to difficult-to-reach groups (penetration of even 1%) or for an express survey to be carried out on a representative sample of adult Poles.

CATI is our showcase, it is a reflection of our work culture. It all started here.

We are very pleased to tell our partners about our capabilities in telephone research. Our CATI are nearly 500 interviewers and 7 experienced project leaders. It is over 300 000 interviews per year. This is a guarantee of timely implementation and high quality standards.